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Friday, 4 September 2020

Texts From Dad Blog Tour - Guest Post

BLOG TOUR ALERT!!! And it's a little different from my normal as this is for a non-fiction title.

I know, what have I become?!

Anyway, I was asked if I wanted to be involved in this, read the blurb, laughed and said yes very quickly.

Texts from Dad is a collection of daily texts sent from a father to his daughter, detailing 57 days of lockdown due to COVID-19. And then, these texts go viral...

Of course I had to say yes to be involved in this blog tour! I mean, come on!

Now, I have a guest post from Peter Barber, texter at large, chatting about this book as I am thrilled to be sharing it with you guys! But, before I do, I just want to thank him for writing this post. I, also, want to thank Blue from Kaleidoscopic for asking if I want to be involved in this tour! And, if you want more info of the book, check out Book Depository!

Ok, with all them out of the way, OVER TO YOU PETER!

Friday, 21 August 2020

Dangerous Remedy Extract Time

BLOG TOUR ALERT! And we are going to French Revolution time in this whirlwind of a read. We have fighting, queer romance, diversity. Basically, everything I should be devouring as a reader!

For those not sure about this, Dangerous Remedy follow Camille, a revolutionary's daughter, leader of a band of outcasts. A runaway, a deserter, an aristocrat in hiding. They try and save lives of those who will meet the edge of the blade. But their latest rescue isn't what it seems to be. This girl is no aristocrat, but her dark and disturbing powers means both sides of the revolution - the Royalists and Revolutionaries - want her.

The question is: who or what is she?

I am thrilled to have an extract for you guys to wet your appetites! And it's a good'un! I promise! It's good!

Now, before I go any further, I want to quickly thank Jade at Head of Zeus for allowing me to tag along this tour, even though much cooler and more badass book bloggers are on the tour!

And before I hand you over to the extract, just a tiny heads-up (as always) that if the extract hooks you and you want more info on Dangerous Remedy, you can check out Head of Zeus or Book Depository! Or, you can say hi to Kat, you can visit her website at or give her tweet on Twitter at @KatAliceDunn!

Ok, all done? No more housekeeping? Alright, ONTO THE EXTRACT!

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Boy Queen Takes It To The Runaway

Oh, come on! I might not be a RuPaul Drag Race viewer (don't give me that look!), but I couldn't resist using this gif to kickstart this post as, today, I am thrilled to be involved in the Boy Queen tour! 

Now, I read Boy Queen by George Lester earlier this year during lockdown and I had a blast reading it. It was fun, queer and everything I needed! (Link to the review is here, FYI!) So, once I had read this, I had to email the publisher to ask if there was going to be a blog tour or something to celebrate this book's release and if I could be involved in some way! 
Robin Cooper’s life is falling apart. While his friends are ready to go to uni, all he seems to be getting is rejection letters from most/all drama schools of the UK and Robin’s life seems to be spiralling. Unsure of himself and his talent, he and his best friends take him to a local gay bar on his birthday to cheer him up and, when there, they watch a local drag show. And Robin gets a strong reaction and he decides to, in the words of Mama RuPaul, Sashay away. 

But how can he get to grips with drag performing when he has a secret boyfriend who won’t acknowledge him in public, his mother can talk for England, his best friends are planning their futures and leaving him behind and the new boy at school is making Robin’s heart beat a little faster? 

Now, before I hand you over to George, I just want to say that if you want to check George out online, pop over to his youTube ( or say hi to him on Twitter at @TheGeorgeLester. And if you want more info on Boy Queen, check out either PanMacmillan or Book Depository!


Friday, 14 August 2020

FOXES Blog Tour Alert!

BLOG TOUR TIME! (You're going to be see those three words a lot over the next few weeks. Sorry in advance!)

Anyway, I am thrilled to be one of today's stop in the F.O.X.E.S. tour (tour info above, in case you're curious)! But what, pray tell, is F.O.X.E.S? Well, this is the thirds instalment in the popular S.T.A.G.S series by M.A. Bennett and this series is getting darker and more twisted by the instalment.

Greer is trying to recover from her terrifying experience from the events of the STAGS play. Was she really put on trail by the sinister Dark Order of the Grand Stag? Or was it all her veractive imagination? The puzzling M imprint on her thumb - M for Murderder - isn't evidence either way...

But things are happening that Greer is more worried over. Ty is staying at Longcross Manor and Greer, New and Shafeen become increasingly worried for her safety. So when the three get a cryptic text from Ty, telling them to visit Cumberland Place, they decide against their better judgement to go. There, they meet the grieving parents of Henry de Warlencourt. Rollo is arrogant, entitled and not grieving whereas Caro, while charming, is clearly pushed to her limit by Henry's death, insisting that Henry isn't dead.

But that;'s not possible. Right? And what is Rollo plotting for his deadly Boxing Day Hunt? Is history going to repeat itself or is something more horrible on the cards?

I am thrilled that M.A. Bennett has found time to write a guest post for the tour, talking about keeping the tension up in thrillers (I love a good thriller book/TV show/movie and I've always wonder how they keep the tension up...)

Now, before I hand it over to MA, I want to thank her for writing this post (I know how busy you are!) & I want to thank Faye for asking if I wanted to be involved in the tour! Now, if after reading this post, you're curious over F.O.X.E.S or the series in general, you can pop over to Hot Key Books or Book Depository for more info. Or, you can say hi to MA on her Twitter (@MABennettAuthor) or on Instagram (@MABennettAuthor)


Friday, 7 August 2020

The Crow Rider Has Eyes

BLOG TOUR TIME! And I am thrilled to be part of the The Crow Rider tour!

Crow Rider is the conclusion to the Storm Crow duology, so I don't really want to say too much in fear of spoilers so let's try and keep this as vague as possible, shall we?

Thia, her allies and her crow, Res, are planning a rebellion to overthrow Queen Razel and save Illucia once and for all. But it might not be as easy as Thia needs to convince neighbouring kingdoms to come to her aid, Res's magic is being to become unstable and Thia is being pursuded by heir to the Illucian throne, Prince Ericen, the one person Thia shouldn't trust and yet, she can't seem to stay away from him...

I hope that wasn't too spoilery, but I am thrilled that the author, Kalyn Josephson, has written this small guest post for my spot on the tour!

Now, before I hand it over to Kalyn, I just want to thank her for writing this post and to Faye for asking if I want to be involved in the tour! And if you want to say hi to Kalyn, check out her website or visit her on Twitter (@KalynJosephson). Also, if you want more info about this duology, check out Sourcebooks and Book Depository!


Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Queen of Coin and Whispers Extract Alert!


Queen of Coin and Whispers is a debut from Helen Corcoran and I'm very excited to share this extract from you as this book screams everything that I want to read this year. It's fantasy and queer and it sounds perfect!

When idealistic Lia inherits her corrupt uncle's throne and his bankrupt kingdom, she brings in a new spymaster, Xania, who only took the job to avenge her father's murder. But as the two spend more time together, the more they fall for each other, which could ruin everything for both of them.

Am keeping this quite vague as I want you to read the extract!

So, before I hand you over to the extract, I just want to say thanks to Triona at O'Brien Press for asking if I wanted to be involved in this tour!

Now, if you want to say hi to Helen, pop over to her website at or go to Twitter and say hi to her at @hcor. And, after reading the extract below you crave more info, you can go to either or Book Depository!


Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Midnight's Twins Blog Tour - Not At Midnight...

BLOG TOUR TIME! Two in one month! You guys must be in shock!

I am thrilled to be today's stop in the Midnight Twins tour, the first book in a new urban fantasy trilogy written by debut author, Holly Race!

Fern has uncovered a mirror world of ours, where Dreamers can walk in this enchanted, mysterious world know as Annwn. But Annwn is full with as much danger as it does with wonders. For this, Annwn and its Dreamers are protected by an ancient order known as the Knights.

But when Fern's twin, Ollie, is chosen to join the Knight, Fern will do whatever it takes to prove herself worth to join.

But as Fern tries, she does that Annwn, in this dream mirror of her London, is fragile. It's threatened by terrifying and vicious nightmares. Nightmares that are getting harder to defeat. Something dark is happening, and Fern slowly realises that something dark and insidious is lurking in our sleep. Because if you can influence someone's dreams, you can control their thoughts...

This sounds nuts, and so up my street! So, as soon as I was asked to be involved in this tour, I had to get involved! And I am thrilled that Holly found time to write a small guest post for this tour! I know she must be writing the second book in this trilogy so to have this is wonderful!

Before I hand it over to the guest post, I want to thank Holly for finding time to write this post and for Faye & Hot Key Books for asking me to be involved in this tour. If you want more info on Midnight Twins, check out Hot Key Books or Book Depository! Or, if you wanna say hi to Holly, she's on Twitter as @Ecarylloh!

Now, over to Holly!

Monday, 15 June 2020

Fall Out Blog Tour Time

BLOG TOUR TIME! And it's a good'un, I promise!

I am thrilled to be a stop on Fall Out, C.G. Moore debut novel! I read this a few months back during self-isolation (review for that is here) and I devoured this book, so it was a no-brainer when I was asked to be involved in this tour!

When Cal comes out to his family, he didn't expect the reaction to be so explosive. He didn't expect his mum to cut herself and be rushed to the hospital, nor for his father to attack him on the hospital ward. But the fall out of his family is nothing compared to the fall out it comes from his friends, bullies and school.

As Cal is pushed closer and closer to his limit, can he rely on his family and friends to save him from having a meltdown or has he cut himself off too far from them, or himself, to save him?

Now, before I hand it over to C.G to chat about writing while listening to music and some song choices he listened to while writing Fall Out, I want to thank C.G. for finding time to write this post for this tour and for Hazel at UCLan Publishing for chatting to me about this tour!

If you wanna chat to C.G, you can visit him on Twitter at @YAfictionados! Now, over to you, C.G., and get your headphones on!

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Again Again Again Again

BLOG TOUR ALERT! And I am thrilled to be taking part in the tour for the newest book written by the author of We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud, E Lockhart!

Again, Again is a little different from Lockhart's other novels as this isn't a thriller. It's a book that looks into that messy problem of loving other people and forgiveness.

When Adelaide discovers her younger brother succumbs to a drug overdose, she saves his life. But in the aftermath, she is looking for something, anything to distract her. She turns herself into a stylish charmer who falls in and out of love a thousand times even though her heart is shattered and she is is beyond repair.

Over the course of one wild summer, Adelaide will continue to fall in and out of love, finally confronting her brother and their complex history, and maybe finding her own strength along the way...

I am so thrilled that, on this stop, E Lockhart has found the time to write a small guest post!

And before I hand you over, I just want to thank E Lockhart for finding time to write this post and Faye & Hot Key Books for asking if I wanted to be involved in this tour!

Oh, links! If you want to check out Lockhart's online home, pop over to or pop her a tweet at @elockhart! Plus, if you want more info on Again, Again, check out Hot Key Books's website or Book Depository!

Now, over to you E!

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Self-Isolation Blog Tour - Fair Warning

SURPRISE BLOG TOUR REVIEW ALERT! I bet you weren’t expecting this, were you? Well, it’s always nice to keep you guys on your toes! So, before you send off your DNA off to that DNA ancestry site, sit down, have a cuppa and read my review of my first Michael Connelly, Fair Warning!
  • Title And Author: Fair Warning by Michael Connelly
  • Publisher: Orion
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Audiobook
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by publisher in exchange for an honest review/reaction
  • Length: 416 Pages or 10 Hours 14 Minutes
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

So, my first Connelly! When I was asked if I wanted to review this, I jumped at it, only reading the first few lines at the press release. Then self-isolation happened and that affected how I audiobooked this so, heads-up that this review might be a tad more clinical than it would have been if life was “normal” and was listening to this a few months ago and a few months into the future. So, this is my first Michael Connelly so forgive me if I make a mistake or question something that is explain in previous novels. 

Anyway, with all that out of the way, let’s get to it! 

Veteran journalist Jack McEvoy is used to tracking down killers - he’s done that with The Poet and The Scarecrow. But he thought that when he started working at non-profit consumer journalism website, Fair Warning, those days were behind him. But when the Police come to his home and question him about a one-night stand he had over a year ago, he’s confused. Till it’s revealed that the woman is now dead, and she believed she was being cyber-stalked and the Police, having little to no evidence, think Jack is a possible suspect. 

Horrified, Jack begins to investigate, against the warning of the Police and his own editor. But when he stumbles on the fact that this death isn’t the other death with the same method of killing. And all the killings have another thing in common - they all send their DNA off to the same cheap DNA testing site. Is there a serial killer out there, using the same DNA profiling to select their victims? Is it the same person who, on the Dark Web, calls themselves the Shrike?

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Fierce, Fearless and Free


And we are dealing with the fierce, the fearless and the free in this blog tour (see what I did there?) with Fierce, Fearless and Free by Lari Don. Here, we have a collection of myths and legends from all over the world, where the princess didn't wait for the prince to save her. Rather, she saved herself...

I love a good myth and seeing as most myths I know of are gods acting like f***bois, it's nice to see cool, fierce and fearless women come to the forefront. And I am thrilled that Lari Don has come along onto the Pewter Wolf with this guest post for the tour!

So, before I hand you over to Lari, I just want to thank her for finding the time to write this post for me and for Faye from Faye Rogers PR for asking me to be involved in this tour!

Now, if you want to say hi to Lari, you can do so by either popping to her website - - or tweeting her at @LariDonWriter. And if you want to know more info about Fierce, Fearless and Free after reading Lari's guest post, you can check out Bloomsbury or Book Depository! Now, over to Lari!

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Badass Devil Darling Ladies

BLOG TOUR TIME!!! And we are dealing with spies!

Devil Darling Spy is the sequel to the shortlisted Costa Children's Book of the Year 2018, Orphan Monster Spy, and we return to Sarah who, after her last mission, is back in Nazi Berlin, spying her way through champagne-filled parties. But not for long as she is thrown into a dangerous journey into  central Africa to stop the mysterious White Devil who is planning to unleash a deadly virus, using it as a weapon...

So... try not to watch or read the current news when reading this, ok?

I am thrilled to have Matt Killeen on the Pewter Wolf, chatting about the top 5 badass women in fiction. Because why the heck not!

Now, before I hand it over to Matt, I just want to thank him for writing this guest post in such a short time (I kept "oooh" and "erm"ing over what we wanted this post to be!) and to both Katarina and Jessica at Usborne for allowing me on this tour and helping me out!

Also, if you want to say hi to Matt, pop over to his Twitter at @by_Matt_Killeen and if you want to know more about Devil Darling Spy, you can pop over to Usborne or Book Depository for more info. Now, Matt's top 5 fictional badasses!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Blog Tour - The Patient Man

A blog tour review alert! And yes, I know. I am breaking my own rule of getting involved in blog tours and using a review as my stop. I have this fear of reading/listening to a story and then going “Oh no!” over not liking and then having to backtrack. So the fact that this post is here must show you guys that this is a good story, yes? 

Right, let me give you some info to this audiobook and get back to you! 

  • Title And Author: The Patient Man by Joy Ellis
  • Publisher: Audible Studios
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Audiobook
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by Midas PR for Audible in exchange for an honest review/reaction for blog tour
  • Length: 10 Hours 14 Minutes
  • Buy From: Audible

So, ok, The Patient Man. My first outing with Jackman and Evans series but the sixth in the series. I’ve wanted to try this series for quite some time but never sure when/how to get in. So, when asked if I wanted to be involved in this tour, I said yes and hoped I wasn’t going to get lost. 

Serial killer Alistair Ashcroft is back on the scene, ready to finish his unfinished business with Detective Inspector Rowan Jackman and DS Marie Evans. But for all his taunts and mind games, where is he? 

But normal Police work must continue while searching for this dangerous individual. Separate thefts of six pigs, a thoroughbred stallion, guns and red diesel leads the police to the Lorimer family. And the thief of guns from gun-club owner Kenneth Harcourt gets complicated when the man long held responsible for killing Harcourt’s daughter in a hit and run is shot dead - by a sniper. A new killer is on the loose. 

But are these three very different cases - the sniper, the Lorimer family and Ashcroft - all separate? Or is there a more sinister connection between the three? And will Jackman and Evans finally caught Ashcroft or has he got one more trick up his sleeve?

Monday, 24 February 2020

Audiobook Review - The Wreckage

  • Title And Author: The Wreckage by Robin Morgan-Bentley
  • Publisher: Trapeze
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Audiobook
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by the publisher via Titleshare for blog tour in exchange for an honest review/reaction
  • Length: 336 Pages or 8 Hours 48 Minutes
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

BLOG TOUR ALERT!!! Kinda. And it’s a review - SOMETHING I NEVER DO! I always feel very uneasy doing a review for a blog tour because what if I don’t like the book. So, when I was asked to be involved in the Wreckage tour, I said yes mainly as I was in the mood for a good thriller. I craved a something that would get me on the edge of my seat. 

Told from two points of view (though we do have a third reader for one chapter quite late in the story), The Wreckage starts with Ben driving to work, a normal start to the day. Expect Adam jumps in front of Ben’s car, turning Ben’s world upside-down and inside out. 

Wracked with guilty and desperate to atone, Ben meets Adam’s widow, Alice, and her seven year old son, Max, and an unusual friendship develops. But with the consequences of Adam's death weighting on both Ben and Alice, how far is Ben going to go to trying to make amends? And how far is too far?

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Welcome to Wranglestone

WELCOME TO MY FIRST BLOG TOUR OF 2020!!! And I am thrilled to welcome Darren Charlton, debut author to Wranglestone, to the Pewter Wolf.

Now, for those of you curious over this, Wranglestone follows Peter, who live on the islands of Lake Wranglestone in one of the United States's National Parks. He's not like Cooper, a boy he's watchd from a far. A boy who is strong, brave and can keep himself and everyone of Wranglestone safe from the Restless Dead.

Oh yes, this is a gay romance with zombies thrown in. Did I not mention that?

As Peter and Cooper slowly being to fall in love, they unearth something. Something from Wranglestone's dark past, and with this discovery, both Peter and Cooper being to question everything.

I am currently reading this at the time of writing this post and I can not wait to talk to you guys about this! Soon, I promise! So when I was asked if I wanted to be involved in this tour by Charlie at Stripes, I jumped at the chance (and I don't really like zombies - they freak me out - so you guys know this means something for me!)

Now, before I hand over to Darren to chat about Peter and Cooper and their story, I want to thank Darren for finding time to write this post for the tour. I want to, also, thank Charlie for inviting me on this tour. And, if you want to say hi to Darren, his Twitter handle is @DarrenRCharlton and if you want to find out more about Wranglestone, check out Stripes website and Book Depository!

Friday, 17 January 2020

Tweet Cute That Extract!

First extract/blog tour of the year! And it's should give you feels! Yes, it's a rom-com, something that is very outside my comfort zone, but I think you guys are going to devour with a mug of hot chocolate and hot grilled cheese sandwich!

Pepper and Jack can't be more different. Pepper is swim team captain, chronic overarchiever and all round perfectionist. Jack is the class clown and thorn in Pepper's side. Pepper's family might be falling apart. Jack just want to get out of his popular brother's shadow. Pepper's family owns a massive fast-food chain, Big League Burger, and is secretly in charge of their Twitter. Jack has a love/hate relationship with his small family deli and built an anonymous chat app.

But when Big League Burger's steals Jack's grandma's grilled cheese recipe, Jack decide to take the company down, one tweet at a time.

Soon, Pepper and Jack's spat goes Twitter viral, via sneaky memes and retweet battles. All the while, they are chatting to each other via Jack's app and, slowly, they're falling for each other...

All's fair in cheese and war... right?

Yes, I know, this is very sweet (and maybe a tad cheesy for me - see what I did there?), but I saw this and went "yes!" over it when I was asked to be involved in this tour. So, I wanna thank Meghan for asking if I wanted to be involved. Now, before I hand you over to the extract, if you want to know more info about Tweet Cute, you can chat to Emma via her Twitter - @dilemmalord - or you can go to either St Martin Press to learn more.

Now, over to the extract!!!

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Book Review - A Throne of Swans

  • Title And Author: A Throne of Swans by Elizabeth and Katherine Corr
  • Publisher: Hot Key Books
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Physical
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by the publisher in exchange for an honest review/reaction
  • Length: 352 Pages
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

SURPRISE! Ok, am meant to be back properly for book blogging duties next week (I just want a little time longer to read and get my back into my real life job before I got back into her), but when I was asked to be involved in the Throne of Swans tour, I jumped at it. Plus, I had (for once) read and wrote up my review several weeks before so, TECHNICALLY, this was one of my last reads of 2019, but this is going to be my write-ups of 2020! 

This took me a while to read. I feel like I should explain this right now before we go any further into the post. I started reading this early in December, the same day some bloggers went to Hot Key HQ to chat to both authors and launch the book at a bloggers’s event. Normally, I would write these events up but this event (as well as a Walker Books Blogger Event that happened several days later) but I didn’t write as I didn’t have time! Sorry, December was a mad month. I think we all can agree to that! 

And it took me a while to read and review. Why, I hear you ask. December is a mad, busy month. I just couldn’t seem to find the time to read and then write this! Plus, I kept putting it off (I liked the Witch's Kiss trilogy, so what if I hated this?). All of which explains why I wrote this post up now, literally days before Christmas (when I am on blogging holiday and as far away from my laptop as possible, FYI!) and posting it now.

Inspired by Swan Lake, Throne of Swans follows Aderyn who inherits the role of Protector to Atratys after her father dies. Atratys is a dominion in a kingdom where nobles can transform into birds that represent their family bloodline. Aderyn’s is a swan. But she hasn’t transformed for years after witnessing the brutal murder of her mother, ripped apart by hawks who are supposedly extinct sing the great War of the Raptors. 

Aderyn wants revenge, she must venture into the heart of the royal court, ruled by her cruel uncle, the King, to seek the truth. But how far is she willing to go…?

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Counterplots Can Be Dangerous

This is going to be my last post of 2019! And what a nice post to have as this is part of the blog tour for Dai George's The Counterplot, an Audible Original!

The Counterplot follows Ben Johnson, a contemporary to Shakespeare in London 1603. But Ben has fallen on hard times and in desperation, writes a satirical play. Only for it to backfire hugely and he finds himself in prison with his reputation in ruins.

When he finally leaves jail, he decides to return to his estranged wife, Anna. But Anna isn't the same woman Ben left when he went out to seek his fortune. His absence and the deaths of their three children has led Anna to become friends with some very passionate Roman Catholics. Scared for his wife, Ben becomes entangled with these people and their dangerous plan to overthrow the King. The Gunpowder Plot is brewing...

If you want more details about this audiobook, check it out on (of course) Audible, but I am thrilled to welcome the author, Dai George on the Pewter Wolf with a small Q&A. No spoilers, but hopefully, these questions and answers will wet your appetite!

Before I hand you over to our Q&A, want to thank Dai for finding time to answer these (this time of year is insane!) and a small thank you to Anna at Midas PR for asking if I wanted to be involved in this tour. Now, if you want to say hi to Dai, check him out on Twitter at @dai_r_george!


Sunday, 15 December 2019

The Extract From The Red Book

I have a slight sidestep for you today as I have an extract for you!

I know! What kind of monster am I?!

Now, most times I've quite wary of doing extract, but when I heard the premise of this from Faye, who emailed and asked I wanted to be involved in this tiny blog tour, I was very intrigued by it. And I like to be intrigued when it comes to my reading and with what I want to share on the Pewter Wolf. So, let's chat The Red Book by Davide Cortellucci.

Martin's life is going to be turned upside down through a series of accidentally and not-so-accidentally coincidences. Soon, he found a group of people who can help him enhance the power of his own thoughts to modify the physical world around him. Which is cool, right? Expect that now Martin understands why he's flooded with negative feelings and energy when he's close to certain people, and he's not carefully, everyone around him and himself will cease to exist...

Now you see why I said I was intrigued by this...

Now, before I hand you over to the extract, I just want to thank Faye for asking if I wanted to be involved in this tour and saying "Ok" when I asked for an extract.

Now, over to the extract!!!

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Book Review - Angel Mage


What’s this? I don’t start with my usual bulletpoints of information and affiliates. Ok, stay with me. I had plans to buy this. I honestly did! I preordered it and EVERYTHING! So it came as a huge surprise to me when I got an email from Gollancz, asking if anyone wanted to be involved in a blog tour. I jumped at it as I am a huge fan of Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series and Keys to the Kingdom series. What came as a surprise was when the publisher said “We’re sending you a book for review for the tour”. Now, I don’t normally do reviews for tours as you all know and I had preordered my copy of the book already. But I went “Sod it!” and decided to be involved. Unless something unspeakably awful happened in the book, I was going to be involved in this tour. 

And with that out of the way, let’s talk Angel Mage, shall we? 

  • Title And Author: Angel Mage by Garth Nix
  • Publisher: Gollancz
  • Physical, eBook or Audiobook: Physical
  • Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by publisher in exchange for an honest review/reaction
  • Length: 560 Pages
  • Buy From: Book Depository - Foyles - Waterstones - Audible

Over a century ago, the country of Ystara fell to the Ash Blood plague. If anyone came into contact with the magic of an angel, regardless of the angel’s level, their blood will turn into ash or the person will transform into a terrifying beastling. 

It’s been over a century since Liliath crept into the empty sarcophagus of Saint Marguerite and slept, waiting. But now she is awake, and she has a plan. She still is nineteen, she still looks beautiful and she still is as singleminded as she was before her sleep. She is determined to find the missing archangel of Ystara, Pelleniel. 

But for her plans to succeed, her quest centres round four young Sarancians, each so different and yet, share something important. But what connects the doctor-in-training Simeon, the fortune hunter Herni, the musketeer Agnez, and the scholar and icon maker Dorotea? 

When the four meet by sheer chance, they feel the kinship between them instantly, though they have no idea why. Only Liliath knows why they are so important and she has plans to manipulate the Queen, her musketeers and everyone around her to achieve her ends… 

So… where do I begin?